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Why We Are Different...

Client Benefits

Our Credit Score Improvement program is personalized, flexible, and works to ensure we're doing everything possible to increase your credit scores.

  • Loan qualification: It is extremely frustrating to be declined on financing applications! Don't be in that position!
  • Better loan rates: The lowest overall rates can mean easy monthly payments and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings over the course of the loan.
  • Less money down: Better credit means better loan options, e.g., 100% financing.
  • Information control: Be in control of your information! Know what affects your credit, and how to make that work in your favor.
  • Credit card rate reduction: With optimized credit reports, your borrowers can request and receive significantly lower interest rates on their credit cards. This alone can make the difference between an affordable monthly budget and problems.
  • Legal, effective credit score increase: Our Credit Score Optimization program is the fastest, most reliable way for the average consumer to improve their credit score and get a better loan.
Best service for improving my credit score in Seattle, WA.
We are a performance-based firm!

Our services are all-inclusive - Meaning, we don't just simply stop at removing items from your credit reports... Our customized engagement strategy (Action Plan) also includes strategies that walk you through the steps that you can do to help optimize your credit score... One of our goals is to educate you on some of the simple adjustments you can make that will have a significant impact on your credit scores.

We start by attacking your questionable credit from various angels... Whether that's disputing items with the credit bureaus, or making direct contact with your creditors, rest assured we are not just another basic letter-mill credit repair company.

We only have two requirement... You need to see our progress, and more importantly, document our progress in real-time... So, we do require that you enroll in one of our discounted credit monitoring services, and maintain that enrollment for at least 4-consecutive months so you're not solely dependent on what we show you... In other words, you'll be able to independently verify the work we are doing.

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