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Affordable credit score optimization solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Do It Yourself


A COMPLETE copy of The Master Guide to Credit Repair.

Step by Step instructions for every situation.

101 basic AND advance dispute letters including for Inquiries.

Special Credit Bureau request letters.

Stall tactic response letters.

Advanced dispute strategies.

Dispute tracking log sheet w/instructions.

$197We Do It For You

+$40 Per-Deletion-Per Bureau Success/Result Fee

Free credit monitoring for 6-months

FREE personal Information Updates

Complete in-Depth Credit Audit (Forensic Review - Takes about 45-minutes)

Development & Implementation of your customized engagement strategy

We Do 100% of the Work

Personal Client Portal

Opt-out pre-screen and Do Not Call Registry

6-month Membership

Credit Education Library

$297Couples Program

+$40 Per-Deletion-Per Bureau Success/Result Fee

Designed for any Two People.

Savings of $48.50 Per Person

FREE credit monitoring for 6-months

FREE Personal Information Updates

Complete in-Depth Credit Audit (Forensic Review - Takes about 45-minutes)

Development & Implementation of your customized engagement strategy

We Do 100% of the Work

Credit Portal for Each Client

Opt-out pre-screen and Do Not Call Registry

6-month Membership

Credit Education Library

Success / Result Fees:

Clean Up Your Personal Profile FREE!       

Update Personal Information FREE!

$40 Per Deletion per Bureau

$25 per Deletion for each Inquiry

Pricing Definitions

A $50 success/result fee is generated for a successful deletion or repair of an item and a $25 success/result fee for each inquiry. A repair is defined as an item in negative status being changed to positive status. An item is not considered repaired unless ALL negative information is removed from the reporting of the item. All prices are per item and per bureau. The deletion of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion. The deletion of any account or public record from all three credit bureaus counts as THREE (3) deletions.

Money Back Guarantee!

With our money back guarantee there is absolutely no risk because we do not charge until a service has been rendered. Yes, it is that simple. With an average success rate of 97%, our money back guarantee, is the best in the business, signing up for our service is one of the wisest investments you can make for your future.

Develop Business Credit & Get The Funding You Deserve!

Build Business Credit**

Designated Business Credit and Funding Advisor

Complimentary Personal Credit Restoration

Establish or Increase Your Business Credit Score

Make Your Business Fundable

Funding Options without Personal Guarantee

Establish Revolving Lines of Credit (Minimum $50,000 Guarantee*)

6-month money back Guarantee

Our process includes the restoration of your personal credit to assist in funding.

* The $50,000 funding guarantee is based on our advisor team of Business Credit Experts assisting the client with securing several credit approvals, up to $50,000, through each tier of funding described below. If the client does not comply with the plan or practice healthy financial behaviors, funding may not be approved.

** One payment of $1,997 or $750 down/$250 a month for 6-months for a total program fee of $2,250.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

​We provide an all-inclusive, full-service program. This means we directly work with credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf to correct invalid, inaccurate, or misleading data that may be harming your credit score.

Aside from correcting items such as damaging inaccuracies on credit reports, we also establish a proactive improvement program for you, which focuses on the following important credit score influences:

  • Revolving Credit Usage
  • Credit History Length
  • Recent Activity
  • Account Mix
  • Collection Resolution
  • Public Record Resolution
  • Account Pay-offs
  • Preparing for Financing

All of our programs are personalized and designed to ensure we're doing everything possible to quickly optimize your credit score and help you with:

LOAN QUALIFICATION: We know that it’s extremely frustrating to be declined for financing. With our help, you no longer have to be in this position.

BETTER LOAN RATES: The lowest overall rates can mean lower monthly payments and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a 20-year mortgage loan.

LESS MONEY DOWN: Better credit means better loan options, such as 100% financing.

INFORMATION CONTROL: Be in control of your information! Know what affects your credit, and learn how to make that work in your favor.

CREDIT CARD RATE REDUCTION: With optimized credit reports, you can request and receive significantly lower interest rates on credit cards. This alone can make the difference between an affordable monthly budget and feeling like you can never stay afloat.


​We are an attorney-based credit score optimization firm

With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, we have the knowledge, background, and industry contacts to deliver the superb results you expect.

As ex-collection agency and credit bureau executives, and known as respected experts in the credit industry, we offer an unparalleled wealth of insider knowledge that no other credit improvement firm can match.

We help and guide you from start to finish, and we prepare all of the documentation for the various credit agencies on your behalf. Our fees are reasonable, and there are NO long binding contracts. We guarantee results or your money back!


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