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Seattle credit repair affiliate program.

Making Money While Helping Others...
Does It get any better than this?

Partner with the #1 RANKED CREDIT SCORE OPTIMIZATION FIRM and start earning larger profits! It’s simple: join our FREE top-performing referral partner program and take advantage of higher conversion rates (we currently convert 88% of turn-downs referred to us), more commissions, transparent tracking, and a dedicated team to support your success.



Increased Closing Ratios by at least 30% (most of our partners are currently enjoying 4 to 5 more closings EVERY MONTH). Plus, we offer FREE Dispute Code Removal!

1-FREE enrollment of your choice That's right! You'll earn 1-completely free enrollment (credit monitoring not included) for a client of your choice with every 5-referrals that sign up for our service within any given month.​

Special Partner Program Pricing for your Clients Your referral only pays $97 to get started (That's a $100 Discount) plus a simple result fee of only $40 for each deletion and $25 for each inquiry-No monthly fees! Plus, we'll clean up and update their personal profile information FREE!

QUICK turnaround times! In most cases, we average just over 4-months from start to finish.

Authorized User Tradelines For when your client needs a quick boost to close. Normally takes less than 14-days.

Best service for improving my credit score in Tacoma, WA.
What Do Our Partners Say About Us?

I highly recommend Cliff Roberts & Associates and am really impressed with the way Jack handles everything regarding our branch referrals. We used to use a different company but these guys have proven to be the better option and cost less than the others as well.

Diana C - Branch Manager
Diana C - Branch Manager
Guild Mortgage

These guys have been the missing piece to my puzzle for the past 8-years. From start to finish, they've solved every problem and have helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Taide M - Loan Officer
Alterra Home Loans

We've been working with Ed for the past few years now, referring every borrower needing to improve their credit scores. These guys are professionals and consistently treat our referrals with great respect and always come through time and time again. We highly recommend them.

Liz & David M - Mortgage Advisor
Community Mortgage

We started referring customers to CRA about 18-months ago and have increased our closings by over 50% each month.

They do a really great job.

Mary J - Finance Manager
Coval Homes
Services & Benefits
Broker Services & Benefits


As you know, most credit reports contain errors. These mistakes can mean non-qualification, unattractive interest rates, and more work for you as a loan originator.

In short, your borrowers may not be qualifying for the loan package they want, and we can help. Once your borrower enrolls in our credit-score-optimization program, we immediately begin working on their reports. For most clients, significant, "loan-closing improvement" can be achieved in less than 4-months.

Not only do we work with your borrowers to improve their credit scores, but we also work directly with you, our partner - at no cost to you - to make sure you know "where they’re at" in terms of your client pipeline and each of your prospect's qualifications and eligibility. When the optimization is complete, you get a client that can qualify more easily for a smoother and quicker closing.

Your clients’ can see initial results in about 45-days and we’ll continue updating from there as invalid credit data is contested and removed. Clients can close a loan as soon as you determine they qualify, and full optimization typically requires 4 to 6 months.


Our Credit Score Optimization program is designed to help mortgage professionals and borrowers alike. Consider some of these benefits.

  • More commissions: Want more from the same prospects and leads. Get that first loan, and refinance others.
  • Loan rejection solutions: If a prospect doesn't qualify at first, don't send them away! Help them to get qualified, and then close the loan.
  • Refinance: Did you just close a sub-prime deal? Help that borrower to improve their credit so you can then refinance them into a prime loan.
  • Unaffordable loan: Borrowers unable to afford the loan they qualify for? With higher credit scores they get a lower down payment and monthly payments!
  • Build your pipeline: The more clients you send to us, the more deals you will have lining up for 3, 6, 9 months into the future. And these will be well qualified, happy borrowers, ready to close!
  • Client loyalty: Offer your clients additional value by helping them to optimize their credit. Lower mortgage, auto, and credit card payments are just a start. They'll never look elsewhere for financing!

It's FREE to partner, and takes less than 2 minutes to get started!

Refer your credit-challenged clients to us, and we'll work diligently to increase their credit scores in record time, and we will always refer them back to you for your services.

Plus, you can track your client's progress in our Client Login Portal. When your client logs into our web portal, the first thing they will see is your company name and your contact information as a reminder of their goal and the professional who referred them to us.



Established Leaders

CLIFF ROBERTS & ASSOCIATES provides consumer credit score optimization services and assists loan officers, brokers, and their clients in closing home mortgage loans quickly and smoothly.

Our Credit Score Improvement program is designed specifically for the mortgage industry. We work with many of the top-performing mortgage companies and brokers nationally and continue to establish new relationships every day.

As an America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA) and National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) supporter, we are only one of two credit score optimization firms to be an official Industry Partner of these two organizations.


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  • Bank-level security.

  • Credit education.

  • Marketing tools for our partners.
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